Issue 24 – Frequently Asked Questions

Issue 24 BallotThere has been quite a bit of discussion and confusion already around the upcoming Issue 24 on this November’s ballot.

The ballot language for Issue 24 states:

Shall Section 6.01 of the Charter of the City of Twinsburg be amended to place a further restriction on the 10-Mill limitation set forth in Section 2, Article XII of the Ohio Constitution by limiting City Council’s ability to generate revenue for all purposes of the municipality from the current 7 mills to 2 mills?

My goal is to get the FACTS out to the community as quickly as possible so residents can make an informed decision when they cast their ballot.

Please send questions to me at or send them via the contact form.

I will compile all reasonable questions and get factual answers and post them to my website and to Facebook as soon as possible.

I encourage questions from both sides of the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Submitted / Answered Questions:

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