Clubhouse Update From Mayor Yates

Mayor Yates recently provided an update on the Gleneagles Clubhouse project and I wanted to share it here as well. Very excited to see this facility open!

Ted Yates Clubhouse Update 8.18.2018

Ted Yates – Mayor, City of Twinsburg

I want to provide an update on the opening of the clubhouse. We received occupancy to start using the banquet center at the beginning of August. Occupancy for the entire building was approved last week, along with the Health Department signing off on the kitchens. We started hosting private events on August 3rd and are pretty well booked through the end of 2018. Remember that the project was several months delayed so many of these events have been on the books for months anticipating an earlier opening.

The Pro Shop and snack bar will transition over soon.

As for the restaurant (A&M), the kitchen and bar are almost fully set-up, but we are still interviewing servers, bartenders and line cooks (if you looking for part-time work, see the City’s website to apply). It is anticipated that A&M will be open in the later part of September. Once an exact date is pinned down we will announce it to the public. In the next couple of weeks we will post updated pictures and start rolling out the opening day menu. If you have any additional questions, please pm me or contact me at City Hall.

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