Why Not Use Inside Millage to Purchase a Fire Truck?

In a previous post (Issue 24 – Request For Questions) I asked for resident questions about the upcoming Issue 24 on this November’s ballot. I will be posting the questions I received with the answers. Please send questions to me at gregbellantwinsburg@gmail.com or send them via the contact form.

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If Issue 24 decreases charter millage from 7 to 2 mills, why can’t Council use the unused inside millage of 2.83 to purchase the fire truck? Council currently has 7 mills for Charter Millage AND 2.83 mills for Inside Millage. Why not use inside millage for the Capital Improvement Purchase. Or why not use the surplus left by Procop?


The dedicated safety capital millage would be used for upcoming fire truck needs, but also for maintaining all of the police and fire fleet, other safety equipment needs, and station improvements. In any years that the millage revenue exceeded safety capital needs the remaining funds would build up for future safety capital needs.

Inside millage, as provided by the Ohio Constitution, is shared with other publicly funded agencies such as the school district. Currently the school district utilizes 4.7 inside (un-voted) mills in addition to their voted millage. You are correct that of the 10 allotted inside mills that are shared approximately 2.83 remains unused. The existence of the 7 mills in the Charter for exclusive use by the City has allowed the schools and the City the freedom to NOT compete for the use of the Constitutional inside millage. If Issue 24 passes the remaining inside millage will have to be considered.

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