Where Do My Property Tax Dollars Go?

I received the following question from a resident recently:

“What percentage of my property taxes go to pay for the clubhouse?”

It’s election season, so as per usual there tends to be quite a bit of misinformation flying around. I’m putting this together to hopefully provide some info and to correct some misunderstandings.

The short answer to this question is ZERO. Not a single dollar of your property taxes goes to the clubhouse.

To find out where your tax dollars go use this link: https://fiscaloffice.summitoh.net/index.php/property-tax-search

Put your address in (house number and street).

Property Tax & Appraisal

More than one parcel may show up on the next screen as this is for all of Summit County. Be sure to choose your parcel.

On the right side of the screen, select the prior tax year.

Tax Year

Scroll down and in the middle of the page you will see ‘Where Do My Tax Dollars Go?’ Click on this link.

Where Do Taxes Go

The following table will show up letting you know where your property taxes go. This is an example of what taxes look like for a property value of $231,040 and Taxable value (35%) $80,864. Your chart will have values specific to your home. Scroll down to Twinsburg City to see what rate and tax amount actually goes to the city and what it is used for.

Where Do Taxes Go
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Tax calculation based on property value of $231,040. Delinquent taxes, Tax Liens, special assessments, CAUV , Homestead Exemption, Owner Occupancy Credit tax reductions are not included. The estimated dollar amount may be different due to rounding.

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