Do Other Cities Have Inside Millage? Is It Common?

In a previous post (Issue 24 – Request For Questions) I asked for resident questions about the upcoming Issue 24 on this November’s ballot. I will be posting the questions I received with the answers. Please send questions to me at or send them via the contact form.

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Do other cities have similar inside millage like Twinsburg? Is it common to have this?


The short answer is YES, similar cities utilize inside millage – in fact, they utilize it FAR more than Twinsburg does. In Summit County, Twinsburg ranks 30th out of 30 communities when it comes to authorized inside millage.

In our recently completely Performance Audit, the cities that Twinsburg was compared with all had some level of inside millage ranging from 3 mills to 11 mills to support their general fund operations.

This chart from our audit shows how those cities utilize their unvoted millage.

2018 Inside Millage

As seen in the chart above, only one other city in Summit County does not use inside millage for General Fund purposes. However, that city does use available inside millage for fire protection and emergency medical services, both items which Twinsburg pays through the General Fund.

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