If Issue 24 Fails, Will Police and Fire Get More Money?

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A resident asked the following question about Issue 24: If issue 24 fails, will police and fire be getting more money than they already get right now? I’m under the impression that no matter if this issue passes or fails police and fire will still be getting the same amount of money. (If it passes, funds come from the general fund. And if it fails, funds come from inside millage and if more is needed it comes from the general fund)

Why Not Use Inside Millage to Purchase a Fire Truck?

A resident asked the following question:n If Issue 24 decreases charter millage from 7 to 2 mills, why can’t Council use the unused inside millage of 2.83 to purchase the fire truck? Council currently has 7 mills for Charter Millage AND 2.83 mills for Inside Millage. Why not use inside millage for the Capital Improvement Purchase. Or why not use the surplus left by Procop?

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