Halloween – Trick or Treat 2020

Trick or Treat

I’ve had several people recently ask me about Halloween / Trick or Treat and whether or not Twinsburg will have it. At this time they will go on as planned.

Mayor Yates recently gave this statement to Cleveland.com:

“The City has no plans to change Halloween this year. Trick or treating will occur between 6-8pm on the 31st. I believe it should be up to our residents whether to participate or not. I would hope that those who choose to hand out candy will do so in a way that protects the kids as much as possible. And for the parents that are not comfortable with their children going door to door they will find other activities to celebrate Halloween. If the Governor issues Orders that prohibit or strictly limit the ability to have Halloween go on as normal, then we will reevaluate our position and comply with any proposed guidelines. ”

If / when the Governor gives guidelines or prohibits these activities we will re-address.


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