Thoughts On Issue 2?

In a previous post (Issue 2 Ballot Language) I discussed the upcoming issue which, if passed, will create a dedicated funding source for police and fire pension and capitol. The following question was raised on social media recently. I answered it there and wanted to add it to my website as well.


Thoughts on the 2.4 mill levy? Seeing they appraised my house 30k higher my property taxes already went up…


My thoughts (since you asked)…

When it comes to this particular issue, you either support our police and fire services or you don’t.

I can give you a million reasons why I believe a YES vote is the correct vote, because I fully support our police and fire services.

There’s a narrative being pushed by people who stand against most everything the City does. They’ll try to convince you that the City is wasteful with tax money (not true), doesn’t need money they ask for (not true), not transparent (not true), doesn’t do their due diligence (not true), etc.

They’ll try to convince you that all of the financial issues are because of the clubhouse (not true) and tell you that we’ve recovered all of the lost revenue from when Chrysler was here (not true). They’ll then use words like ‘boondoggle’ to try and will cherry pick graphs, charts and reports from various years (decades) to prove their point.

Does every decision that this administration make work out for the best? No. But I’m here to tell you that we do the best that we can, with the information available.

The City of Twinsburg has NEVER had a dedicated fund for police and fire capital. It should have been done years ago, but I don’t worry about what should have been done by previous administrations. We need to move forward.

The City of Twinsburg has been paying for police and fire pensions out of the general fund for years to the tune of $1 million per year. This is because there was never legislative action taken to fix the shortfall. This goes all the way back to when Twinsburg had a volunteer fire dept. Again, should have been done but wasn’t. We need to move forward. Issue 2, and more specifically a YES vote on issue two will begin to fix these issues.

Way more than you wanted, but you asked.

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