Twinsburg Specific Election Issues – November 2018

Election Day - VOTEThe upcoming General Election on November 6th, 2018 has several issues on the ballot that are specific to Twinsburg. I’ve had several residents ask me for information or clarification on these issues so I’m putting this post together as a reference. This will hopefully clear up some misinformation that is often spread about these sorts of issues and clarify some of the (admittedly) confusing language you’ll see on the ballot.

Before I get started, regardless of where you stand on the issues I would implore you to take the time to go to the polls or fill out an absentee ballot and vote. I will personally be voting for some of these and against others. Let your voice be heard.

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What Are The Issues?

The following issues are specific to Twinsburg (click for additional detail)

Twinsburg Charter Issues

Here is a ‘redline’ document that shows the proposed Charter amendments in context with the actual Charter language. Hopefully this document makes it easier to see why these changes are being proposed and why they are being grouped together on the ballot.

General Election 2018 – Twinsburg Charter Issues – Redlined Version

You can also find this document on the City’s website here.

Why Are These On The Ballot?

These are proposed Charter amendments set forth by the Charter Review Commission.

Our Charter (SECTION 11.01) states: “On or before five (5) years after the recess of the last preceding Charter Review Commission, the Council shall appoint a Commission of nine (9) qualified electors holding no other office or appointment in this City, as members of the Charter Review Commission.”

The last Charter Review Commission convened in May of 2014.

The Charter Review Commission held their meetings that were announced and open to the public. The Commission was made up of residents as well as one Council rep (Mr. Sam Scaffide).

There was then an open meeting to discuss these proposed Charter amendments. During the June 12th Caucus meeting prior to the regular Council meeting, Charter Commission President David Post presented the Commission’s recommendation.

Finally, these Charter amendments were read on three separate occasions (like any other piece of legislation) prior to going to the Summit County Board of Elections for inclusion on the ballot.

These as well as all issues on the ballot are important.

Please get out and vote on November 6th, 2018!

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