Issue 31 – Proposed Charter Amendment – November 2018

This post will attempt to explain Issue 31 – Proposed Charter Amendment City of Twinsburg for the upcoming General Election on November 6th, 2018.

Issue 31

Official Ballot Language

Proposed Charter Amendment City of Twinsburg

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.

Shall Article III of the Charter of the City of Twinsburg be amended to require sitting members of Council who have two years or more left in their Council terms to resign their Council seat before filing petitions to run for any other Council seat; eliminate references to the defunct “Twinsburg Development Foundation”; allow for Council members to be notified of special Council meetings by electronic mail; and require legislation that specifically authorizes the expenditure of money to be read on three (3) different days unless five (5) members of Council vote to suspend this rule?


This Issue pertains to City of Twinsburg Ordinance 75-2018. Official ordinance can be found on the City’s website here.

It says,

“WHEREAS, the Charter Review Commission of the City of Twinsburg appointed pursuant to Section 11.01 of the City Charter has recommended that Article III
of the Charter titled THE COUNCIL be amended; and

WHEREAS, said amendment to Article III would delete obsolete references; require a Councilmember to vacate his/her current Council seat if running for another
seat on Council; allows for electronic notification of Council members; and clarifies emergency legislation; and

WHEREAS, Section 11.01 of the Charter provides that the Charter Review Commission shall submit to Council such alterations, revisions and amendments as in its
judgment are desirable and Council shall then submit such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments in the manner provided in Article X of the Charter; and

WHEREAS, Section 10.01 of Article X of the Charter provides that Council shall submit issues presented by the duly appointed Charter review Commission to the electors unless five (5) or more members of Council vote against the recommendation, and such amendment or amendments shall only be effective upon approval of a majority of the electors voting thereon.”

Essentially, if a sitting member of Council wants to run for another Council seat, they must vacate their current seat. That isn’t the case today.


This would also update outdated verbiage in SECTION 3.02 WARDS – DISTRICTING COMMISSION

It would also update language in SECTION 3.07 MEETINGS OF COUNCIL to allow for email communication as opposed to physical mail.

Finally, it updates outdated language in SECTION 3.10 ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS.

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