Glenwillow Victory Parkway Project

The Village of Glenwillow is currently working on a project referred to as the Victory Parkway Project (Geiss Construction Project 434K). This project sits on the border of Glenwillow and Twinsburg and I have heard concerns from some residents of Meadowood about tree removal, green space, etc. I reached out to the Village of Glenwillow to get the accurate site plan which is below. There will still be a buffer of undeveloped green space between the project boundaries and residential areas.

Victoria Parkway Project May 2018
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You can also view a PDF of the site plan here: DBP Victory Park 434K Exhibit.pdf

I asked the Mayor of Glenwillow about potential development of the 31 acres of Block B in the map. Here was his response:

“No, that Block B of 31 acres was created because of all the wetlands, and to preserve and buffer to the east and south that so nothing would be built on it.  We are working on a nature(no asphalt) trail to be included in Block B but plans are not finalized yet.  As the map shows, the 31 acres will remain undeveloped.—— Hope this helps”

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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