Twinsburg Fire To Conduct Controlled Burn Saturday

Twinsburg Fire to conduct training and controlled burn of building on Reuter-Stokes Twinsburg campus

On Saturday, September 14, the Twinsburg Fire Department will be conducting a controlled burn of a building located at the Reuter-Stokes facility at 8499 Darrow Rd in Twinsburg. The interior firefighting training evolutions will begin at approximately 9:00 a.m. and will culminate in the complete razing of the structure by fire in the midafternoon hours. Large columns of smoke may be seen throughout the community, but surrounding residents and businesses can be assured that the building, as well as the burn site and lesson plans have been prepared to meet all standards of Summit County Clean-Air (EPA), Summit County Health District, Twinsburg Fire Department and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Twinsburg Fire is also partnering with the University of Akron Training Center for Fire and Hazardous Materials for fire training and teaching purposes. The top priority of all partners is the safety of plant personnel, the public and our teams of trained professionals. Access to the facility is restricted to the public, but media can report to the marked guest check-in center located at the security gate off of East Highland Rd.

Please direct any questions to Assistant Fire Chief Bosso

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