The Evolution of Recycling in Twinsburg

Waste Management Recycle Often

During the July 10th Council Meeting we were treated to a presentation by Vince Crawford from Waste Management talking about the recycling program in the City of Twinsburg. Our family recycles and composts but I have to say this was a fascinating presentation where I learned quite a bit I didn’t know. Vince explained how China has banned the import of certain paper and plastic products and how this has effected recycling in Twinsburg. I’ve had several residents ask me about this so I reached out to Vince so I could share his presentation.

Here’s the video that started his presentation:

Vince talked about how many people recycle TOO MANY products (IE products that aren’t actually meant to be recycled in Twinsburg). Here’s a handy chart:

Always Recycle These

Recycle Often Recycle Right - Always Recycle

Do NOT Recycle These

Special thanks to Vince Crawford from Waste Management for making this presentation. You can find links to his full presentation below.

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