Is Our Roundabout Too Small?

The roundabout at Glenwood and 91 is a subject that gets talked about often. Some people have suggested that our current roundabout is too small. I’ve been asked if I think it’s too small and if I would work to make it larger. Here’s my answer.

Roundabout Sign


Will you fight for a larger roundabout, if elected?


Generally I’m a fan of roundabouts when they’re designed and implemented correctly. The accident data from our current roundabout (at 91 and Glenwood) shows the overwhelming majority of the accidents are due to southbound traffic on 91 failing to yield to cars in the roundabout. That said, I’m not sure the size of the current or future roundabout is necessarily the issue.

I’ve spoken the Mayor and City Engineer about these issues. We (Twinsburg) are currently in talks with several independent traffic engineering firms to look at ways to improve the safety of the existing roundabout (presumably addressing the southbound traffic issue). I would fight to ensure that any safety changes made to the current roundabout would be carried forward into the design of the forthcoming second roundabout.

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