Proposed Increase to Inside Millage – May 2020

Questions and Answers

A discussion was had during last night’s Finance Committee meeting about a proposed increase to inside millage. I wanted to provide some details about that discussion and some history.

The proposed increase would be a total of 4.9 mils broken out as such:

  • .7 mils for police pension.
  • .7 mils for fire pension.
  • 1.0 mil to capital for safety services
  • 2.5 to general fund to satisfy the following commitments:
    • 3 Additional Firefighters
    • Maintain PD Officers/Sergeants
    • Increase Dispatch staffing
    • Maintain Post 5/24/20 Service Department Staffing Level

Since 2014 the general fun had subsidized the fire pension fund to the tune of $2,802,804 and the police pension fund $2,435,852. This additional millage will decrease the dependency on the general fund.

4.9 Mills will generate approximately $3.2 Million in property tax revenue for the City.

This equates to a $171.50 annual increase or $14.29/month in property taxes per $100,000 of home value.

Decreasing City dependency on Income Tax is vital to maintain City services throughout economic downturns (such as this global pandemic). This proposal would do that.

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