Election Day Eve Thoughts – Thank You Twinsburg

Good evening fellow Twinsburg residents. As we sit here, most of us in the dark, on the eve of Election Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to say “thank you”.

I’d like to thank my friends, family and supporters. I’d like to thank the elected officials of Twinsburg that have endorsed me. I’d like to thank my opponents and the other candidates for their willingness to go through the campaign process and to serve.

And most of all I would like to thank the wonderful citizens of Twinsburg. Thank you for opening your homes to me to have discussions about local politics. Thank you for bringing issues to my attention that I’d previously not considered. Thank you for putting up with months of endless signs, Facebook posts and conversations. Thank you for participating in this process and making your voices heard. I am most certainly listening. Thank you for validating my reasons for wanting to run for City Council.

As I have for the past 13 years I am proud to call Twinsburg home. My wife and I have chosen to raise our three boys in this community and I have never been more sure of that choice. If elected tomorrow I will be honored to serve and represent the citizens of Ward 5 as we continue the progress Twinsburg has made in recent years through proactive and forward thinking.

Thank you again – looking forward to seeing you and the polls tomorrow!

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