Not Voting is Not a Statement

Make a Statement

Tomorrow (November 5th, 2019) is Election Day – get out and let your voice be heard! NOT voting is NOT a statement.  It’s rendering yourself invisible. It is silencing your own voice. It is self-marginalization. It’s allowing your future to be determined by other people and pretending that’s a victory. Register. Vote. Make a statement. 

Two Years In and Counting

BOE 2 Year Timehop 8.25.2019

I took this photo the day I went to the Board of Elections to file for Council. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. What a wild and enjoyable ride it’s been so far!

Glenwood Roundabout Project Update – August 1st, 2019

Construction Update

As you know the City of Twinsburg is in the midst of a large construction project on Route 91 and near the Glenwood Roundabout. While Council will not meet again until August 27th I wanted to provide an update. Not only as a Councilperson but as a resident I understand and share in the frustration in how long this project has taken. I reached out to City Engineer Amy Mohr asking for an update, timeline and cause of any delays. Below is her response to those questions. 

17 Years Later Twinsburg Remembers


Huge thanks to Twinsburg student Nate Wagner for making the American flag tribute to September 11th a reality. He along with other Twinsburg High School students, some of whom were not yet born on 9-11-2001, have shown that they will always remember. 

Proud To Have Cast My Ballot – Get Out and Vote on May 8th!

Election Day May 2018

I am proud to have cast my ballot on this beautiful Election Day in Twinsburg. I personally voted YES on Issue 3, the Twinsburg Schools RENEWAL levy to support our schools and children. This is money we are already paying, money the schools, and by extension our children, are counting on. It is a privilege to exercise our basic right as citizens. 

16 Years Later – I Remember

You’ll hear it countless times today: “Never forget”. You’ll (hopefully) see flags. You’ll see Facebook and Twitter profiles updated. But have you really remembered since last year? Ask yourself… when was the last time you TRULY remembered the events of September 11th, 2001? Was it last year? I sincerely hope not. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I remember it often.

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