Ward 5 Sample Ballot – November 2021 Election

Ward 5 Sample Ballot Feature

Election Day is tomorrow! If you haven’t participated in EARLY VOTING or MAILED IN your ballot you can find out what your ballot is going to look like before Tuesday, November 2nd on Election Day. You can find your sample ballot on the The Summit County Board of Elections website.

Not Voting is Not a Statement

Make a Statement

Tomorrow (November 5th, 2019) is Election Day – get out and let your voice be heard! NOT voting is NOT a statement.  It’s rendering yourself invisible. It is silencing your own voice. It is self-marginalization. It’s allowing your future to be determined by other people and pretending that’s a victory. Register. Vote. Make a statement. 

Proud To Have Cast My Ballot – Get Out and Vote on May 8th!

Election Day May 2018

I am proud to have cast my ballot on this beautiful Election Day in Twinsburg. I personally voted YES on Issue 3, the Twinsburg Schools RENEWAL levy to support our schools and children. This is money we are already paying, money the schools, and by extension our children, are counting on. It is a privilege to exercise our basic right as citizens. 

What Will Your Ballot Look Like?

What Will Your Ballot Look Like

I’ve had several questions about the write-in process and what your ballot will look like next Tuesday, November 7th on Election Day. The Summit County Board of Elections has made sample ballots available.

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