Meadowood Roundabout Update

As you know the Meadowood roundabout is open and operational. I have received quite a bit of feedback and I wanted to share what’s being done at this point.


First a reminder… traffic IN the roundabout ALWAYS has the right of way. That being said, not everyone realizes this (especially southbound traffic on Route 91) so I urge you to proceed with caution at all times.

I have been communicating with the City Engineer, the Police Chief, the Mayor and the rest of Council about my concerns as well as the concerns I’ve heard from residents.

The Chief of Police informed me that the TPD has been paying special attention to the new roundabout and will continue to have offices sit there more frequently when available – thanks Chief!

The lighting in the roundabout has been of particular concern. It is currently VERY dark so again, I’d urge everyone to proceed with caution. Per the ODOT project manager, the electrical contractor is installing the final wiring for the four roundabout lights today. As soon as they complete, they are going to call into Ohio Edison for inspection and hook-up. Both the contractor and Ohio Edison have been made aware that this is a priority, and a possible safety concern.

Finally, City Engineer Amy Mohr spoke at the last Council meeting to give an update on progress, what’s remaining, etc. See the 1:11:10 mark of this video:

Please rest assured that this is a top priority and we are working to get things fixed / completed as soon as possible.

Thanks for sharing your concerns and please continue to be safe out there.


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